Korbis: KDE Ogg Vorbis Compression Utility

Korbis aims to provide the beginner to KDE programmer with an easy-to follow introduction to KDE/QT programming. Korbis makes extensive use of KDevelop and QT-Designer, making this introduction even easier than it would otherwise be.

At a second level, Korbis actually does do something: It provides an easy-to-use interface to CD-Paranoia an oggenc. If you're perfectly happy plugging everything into the command line, don't bother with Korbis. If, like me, you found plugging the pertinent data into the command line tedious or cryptic, then Korbis is for you.

Current Status:
  Since Korbis does not yet have functional progress bars, it is reccomended  that Korbis be run from a terminal (click 'run from terminal' in the KDE-Link)  to provide CD-Paranoia and Oggenc's own progress bars.

Korbis is hosted on SourceForge:

is part of the OggVorbis project, itself a subset of the Ogg Project, from Xiphophorous.
CD Paranoia is also one of Xiphophorous's projects.

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